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Hall and Kossin 2018, submitted

Hall, T.M., and J.P. Kossin, 2018: North Atlantic tropical cyclones are stalling and raining more. npj Clim. Atmos. Sci., submitted.

The average speed of tropical cyclone (TC) translation has slowed since the mid 20th century. TCs are steered by large-scale circulation patterns, and a reduction in translation speed is consistent with analysis of changes in the circulation as the climate warms. Here we report that North Atlantic (NA) TCs have become increasingly likely to "stall," spending many hours in confined regions, and that this stalling has resulted in increased rainfall. The stalling is driven not only by slower translation, but also by an increase in abrupt changes of direction. We compute residencetime distributions for TCs in confined regions, and find that the tails of these distributions have increased significantly. We show that TCs stalling over a region result in more rain on the region, and that rain along TC tracks has increased significantly over the continental U.S. from 1949-2017. These trends are exacerbating the TC hazard to coastal populations.

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