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Hansen and Tsuruta 1967

Hansen, C.J., and S. Tsuruta, 1967: Vibrating neutron stars. Can. J. Phys., 45, 2823-2831, doi:10.1139/p67-231.

The time variation of some interesting properties of vibrating neutron stars is considered. The models used are based on two nuclear potentials that cover a large spread of possibilities. The modified URCA neutrino process has been assumed to be the major damping mechanism. The calculations are performed both for the case when the vibration energy is partially converted into heat through the URCA process and for the case when this conversion does not take place. It is found that the vibrational energy-storage capacity is extremely model-dependent. The vibrational energies at 1,000 years range from about 1047 to 1050 ergs, which are sufficiently large as a possible energy source for the X rays from the Crab Nebula, ft is shown also that the cooling times of neutron stars will not be significantly increased by the inclusion of the vibrational heating.

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VL  - 45
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