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Hansen 1971

Hansen, J.E., 1971: Circular polarization of sunlight reflected by clouds. J. Atmos. Sci., 28, 1515-1516, doi:10.1175/1520-0469(1971)028<1515:CPOSRB>2.0.CO;2.

Measurements of circular polarization of visible light from planets have recently been reported. It is pointed out here that the values measured for the circular polarization for Jupiter and Venus are of the magnitude expected for sunlight reflected by a cloudy planetary atmosphere. The variations of the sense of the polarization with phase angle and with location on the planetary disk are also consistent with expectations for reflection by clouds.

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ID  - ha05500b
AU  - Hansen, J. E.
PY  - 1971
TI  - Circular polarization of sunlight reflected by clouds
JA  - J. Atmos. Sci.
JO  - Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences
VL  - 28
SP  - 1515
EP  - 1516
DO  - 10.1175/1520-0469(1971)028%3C1515%3ACPOSRB%3E2.0.CO;2
ER  -

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