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Harmon et al. 2000

Harmon, M.E., O.N. Krankina, M. Yatskov, and E. Matthews, 2000: Predicting broad-scale carbon stores of woody detritus from plot-level data. In Assessments Methods for Soil Carbon. R. Lal, J.M. Kimble, R.F. Follett, and B.A. Stewart, Eds., Lewis Publishers, pp. 533-552.

Woody detritus in the form of dead tree parts such as boles, stumps, branches, and coarse roots is an important store of carbon in forest ecosystems (Harmon and Chen, 1992). Not only does this material represent a large and frequently overlooked pool (Harmon et al., 1986), but also it is a crucial component of heterotrophic respiration (Turner et al., 1996). In recent years method to study the size and dynamics of these detritus pools have been developed and applied to various ecosystems (Harmon et al. 1999). Despite an increase in these plot-level efforts, however, no reliable inventory-based estimates exist at the regional, national, or global scales (Turner et al., 1996; Kurtz et al., 1992).

In this chapter we review plot level methods and then present a series of complemntary methods that can be used to estimate potential steady-state and actual stores of woody detritus at regional to global scales. these include (1) correction and conversion factors for incomplete inventories; (2) dead:live wood expansion factors; (3) predictions of steady-state stores from input:decomposition rate-constant rations; and (4) adjustments to include disturbance regimes.

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