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Hansen et al. 1996

Hansen, J., M. Sato, R. Ruedy, A. Lacis, K. Asamoah, S. Borenstein, E. Brown, B. Cairns, G. Caliri, M. Campbell, B. Curran, S. de Castro, L. Druyan, M. Fox, C. Johnson, J. Lerner, M.P. McCormick, R.L. Miller, P. Minnis, A. Morrison, L. Pandolfo, I. Ramberran, F. Zaucker, M. Robinson, P. Russell, K. Shah, P. Stone, I. Tegen, L. Thomason, J. Wilder, and H. Wilson, 1996: A Pinatubo climate modeling investigation. In The Mount Pinatubo Eruption: Effects on the Atmosphere and Climate. G. Fiocco, D. Fua, and G. Visconti, Eds., NATO ASI Series I: Global Environmental Change, vol. 42, Springer-Verlag, pp. 233-272, doi:10.1007/978-3-642-61173-5_20.

Global cooling of the Earth's surface has been observed following the largest volcanic eruptions of the past century, although the average cooling is perhaps less than expected from simple energy balance considerations. The Mount Pinatubo eruption, with both the climate forcing and response observed better than previous volcanoes, allows a more quantitative analysis of the sensitivity of climate to a transient forcing. We describe the strategy and preliminary results of a comprehensive investigation of the Pinatubo case.

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