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Hansen and Cheyney 1969

Hansen, J.E., and H. Cheyney, 1969: Theoretical spectral scattering of ice clouds in the near infrared. J. Geophys. Res., 74, 3337-3346, doi:10.1029/JC074i013p03337.

The spectral reflectivity of clouds of ice spheres is calculated for the near-infrared spectrum wavelength region (1 ≲ λ ≲ 4μ) for comparison with laboratory observations of ice clouds. The laboratory cloud particles were highly nonspherical ice crystals; however. it is shown that the major feature of the theoretical spectrum is in close agreement with the observations when spheres of equal volume are employed in the radiative transfer problem. The results provide some support for the contention that randomly oriented nonspherical particles may be replaced by equivalent spheres for calculations of reflected intensities. The reflectivities are shown to be sensitive to the particle size, especially the reflectivity minima near 1.5 and 2.0 μ. Changes by a factor of 2 in the particle size cause significant variations in the major reflectivity features; this result verifies that spectral reflectivity measurements can be of considerable value for cloud identification. The agreement of the theoretical and experimental spectra also indicates that it should be possible to obtain meaningful conclusions from infrared reflectivity measurements of planetary atmospheres, such as the obsservations that have been made on the atmosphere of Venus.

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