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Grabelsky 1986

Grabelsky, D.A., 1986: Molecular Clouds in the Carina Arm. Ph.D. thesis. Columbia University.

This thesis reports the results of the first well-sampled, large-scale co (J = 1→0) survey of molecular clouds in the Carina arm. The survey was made with the Columbia 1.2 m millmeter-wave telescope at Cerro Tololo, Chile. Prior to carrying out the observations presented here, I participated in the construction and testing of the instrument in New York City and its subsequent installation at Cerro Tololo. Being a close copy of the Columbia millimeter-wave telescope in New York City, the Chile telescope not only incorporated a proven design, but also offered the added benefit that new Southern co surveys and previously completed Northern co surveys made with the New York telescope) could be joined together with almost none or the calibration problems that have traditionally plagued the North-South matching of galactic surveys made with different instruments. Since the largest molecular clouds in the first and second quadrants have proven to be excellent spiral tracers (Dame etal. 1985), one would hope that a survey of these objects tn the Carina arm would provide an answer to the question or the Carina arm's connection with the Northern arms as seen in CO. It does. The first results of thts survey of the Carina arm were reported by Cohen et a/. (1985a). In that paper, we showed that the arm is traced exceptionally well over 25 kpc by the molecular clouds and that the Carina arm apparently joins the Sagittarius arm, as defined by molecular clouds identified in the Columbia CO survey of the first quadrant (Dame et al. 1985). This thesis presents the observations and analysis that led to these conclusions. In the Chapter II the telescope and observing techniques are described, and in Chapter III the observations or the Carina region are presented in various forms and some of the reduction technigues are described. Chapter IV focuses on the large-scale characteristics of the arm, including a discussion of the z-distribution of the molecular layer and a comparison of the CO and the H I. In Chapter v the individual giant molecular clouds are identified and cataloged, with special attention given to the cloud associated with the η Carinae Nebula; the clouds are used to trace the arm over 25 kpc and compared with clouds found in the first and second quadrants to determine how the Carina arm connects with the rest of the Galaxy. Chapter VI presents a summary of the results.

  • Reprinted as NASA Technical Memorandum 87798, September 1986.

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