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Green 1983

Green, S., 1983: Theoretical study of silicon dicarbide. Astrophys. J., 266, 895-901, doi:10.1086/160837.

The ground state of silicon dicarbide is predicted from self-consistent field (SCF) calculations to be linear SiCC with a closed shell 1Σ+ electronic structure, confirming previous experimental analyses. A number of low-lying electronic states are predicted from SCF and limited configuration interaction (SI) calculations to have vertical excitation energies in the range of ∼1.5 to 3 eV. Although the assignment of the observed optical transition near 2.5 eV as 1Σ+-1Π is supported, it is suggested that the upper states may be strongly perturbed.

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AU  - Green, S.
PY  - 1983
TI  - Theoretical study of silicon dicarbide
JA  - Astrophys. J.
JO  - Astrophysical Journal
VL  - 266
SP  - 895
EP  - 901
DO  - 10.1086/160837
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