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Green 1989

Green, S., 1989: Pressure broadening and line coupling in bending bands of CO2. J. Chem. Phys., 90, 3603-3614, doi:10.1063/1.455819.

The pressure broadening and line coupling cross sections in the Fano-Ben Reuven theory of line shapes are calculated for bending bands of CO2 in a bath of He atoms. Molecular collision dynamics are simplified by invoking the infinite order sudden (IOS) approximation for molecular rotation and vibrational angular momentum in a manner similar to but not identical with the method developed by Clary and shown to be accurate for CO2-He. Numerical values are obtained using a pairwise additive interaction potential developed by Clary. Predictions are in good accord with data for various infrared bands and pure rotational Raman spectra. It is found that all the pressure broadening and state-to-state cross sections depend on only a few dynamical factors (generalized IOS cross sections) and are therefore closely interrelated. Results are used to access models developed previously to analyze line shapes in this and similar systems.

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ID  - gr06200v
AU  - Green, S.
PY  - 1989
TI  - Pressure broadening and line coupling in bending bands of CO2
JA  - J. Chem. Phys.
JO  - Journal of Chemical Physics
VL  - 90
SP  - 3603
EP  - 3614
DO  - 10.1063/1.455819
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