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Greenstein and Oinas 1968

Greenstein, J.L., and V. Oinas, 1968: Two K dwarfs with enhanced bands of molecular carbon. Astrophys. J., 153, L91-L93, doi:10.1086/180228.

The strong-metallic-line stars ρ1 Cancri and HD 145675 are found to contain enhanced CN and C2, and to a lesser extent CH. Comparison with Schadee's models yields C/O ≈ 1. The spectral type of both stars is around K0 V or K1 V, somewhat earlier than the metal lines owuld indicate. Absolute magnitudes derived from parallax data place both stars on or slightly above the main sequence.

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ID  - gr06010c
AU  - Greenstein, J. L.
AU  - Oinas, V.
PY  - 1968
TI  - Two K dwarfs with enhanced bands of molecular carbon
JA  - Astrophys. J.
VL  - 153
SP  - L91
EP  - L93
DO  - 10.1086/180228
ER  -

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