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Gros et al. 2002

Gros, V., K. Tsigaridis, B. Bonsang, M. Kanakidou, and C. Pio, 2002: Factors controlling the diurnal variation of CO above a forested area in southeast Europe. Atmos. Environ., 36, 3127-3135, doi:10.1016/S1352-2310(02)00237-6.

Carbon monoxide (CO) measurements have been performed in a forested site in central Greece in the framework of the AEROBIC (AEROsol formation from Biogenic Carbon) campaign in summer 1997. The mean CO observed during the whole campaign ranged between 114 and 250 ppbv (mean of 170±27 ppbv), reflecting continental influence. The observed mean diurnal cycle of CO presented a minimum in the early morning due to the efficient deposition of CO in a shallow nocturnal layer sealed from the free tropospheric air during the night (loss rates of about 2 ppbv/h). In the early morning and in the late afternoon, a sharp and fluctuating increase of CO was observed as the consequence of CO primary sources, likely by local traffic as suggested by the concomitant enhancements of black carbon (BC) and other combustion tracers. The morning pollution peak (6:30-8:30 local time) preceded slightly the opening of the nocturnal layer to the free troposphere, which resulted in CO reduction down to background levels at about 10:00. During the day (10:00-17:00), a slight but regular increase was observed on CO levels. For lack of simultaneous increase of other anthropogenic tracers, this CO enhancement has been attributed to its photochemical formation initiated by the oxidation of reactive biogenic hydrocarbons. This observed net production of CO averaging 1.2 ppbv/h is quite well reproduced by a box model containing an explicit chemical scheme of isoprene and α- and β-pinene and taking into account the measured mixing ratios and the reactivity of all biogenic organic reactive compounds when uncertainties in measurements and modelling are considered.

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