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Gross et al. 1968

Gross, S.H., W.E. McGovern, and S.I. Rasool, 1968: On the exospheric temperature of Venus. In The Atmospheres of Venus and Mars. J.C. Brandt and M.B. McElroy, Eds. Gordon and Breach, pp. 103-108.

A calculation of the exospheric temperature of Venus for a variety of composition models of the atmosphere indicates that if CO2 is present in relatively large proportions (>20% by volume) Tex is in the range of 600 to 800°K. However for CO2 concentrations $l45%, Tex could be as high as 3000°K. It is suggested that a measurement of the exospheric temperature, already planned for the Mariner 1967 fly-by mission to Venus, could help resolve the controversy on the concentration of CO2 in Venus atmosphere.

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