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Gornitz 2009

Gornitz, V., 2009: Paleoclimate proxies, an introduction. In Encyclopedia of Paleoclimatology and Ancient Environments. V. Gornitz, Ed., Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences Series, Springer, pp. 716-721.

The Earth's climate has changed dramatically over the eons, as the atmosphere continuously interacts with oceans, lithosphere, and biosphere over a wide range of timescales. The ability to decipher past climates has expanded in recent years with an improved understanding of present climatic processes and the development of more sophisticated analytical tools. Instrumental records go back only a century or two. To extend the record beyond the instrumental period, scientists turn to "proxies" or "indicators" that are indirect measures of past climates or environments preserved in natural archives, such as marine and terrestrial sediments, trees, and ice cores, among others. Paleoclimatic or paleoenvironmental proxies are materials that are sensitive to a variety of climatic or environmental parameters. These can be grouped into three major categories: 1) lithological/mineralogical, 2) geochemical, and 3) paleontological.

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