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Gornitz 2009

Gornitz, V., 2009: Mineral indicators of past climates. In Encyclopedia of Paleoclimatology and Ancient Environments. V. Gornitz, Ed., Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences Series, Springer, pp. 573-583.

Minerals that form at or near the Earth's surfaceare products of chemical weathering, evaporation, authigenic crystallization, and bio-mineralization. They reflect ambient conditions at the Earth-atmosphere interface. Therefore they can furnish important clues about former climates. Minerals are utilized as paleoclimate indicators or proxies in several different ways: 1) to infer past climates and changes over time, 2) to deduce changes in atmospheric conditions, 3) as mineralogical "markers" in provenance studies, and 4) as "hosts" for climate-sensitive stable isotopes and trace elements.

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