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Gottlieb et al. 1983

Gottlieb, C.A., E.W. Gottlieb, P. Thaddeus, and H. Kawamura, 1983: Laboratory detection of the C3N an C4H free radicals. Astrophys. J., 275, 916-921, doi:10.1086/161585.

The millimeter-wave spectra of the linear carbon chain free radicals C3N and C4H, first identified in IRC +10216 and hitherto observed only in a few astronomical sources, have been detected with a Zeeman-modulated spectrometer in laboratory glow discharges through low pressure flowing mixtures of N2 + HC3N and He + HCCH, respectively. Four successive rotational transitions between 168 and 198 GHz have been measured for C3N, and five rotational transitions between 143 and 200 GHz for C4H; each is a well-resolved spin doublet owing to the unpaired electron present in both species. Precise values for the rotational, centrifugal distortion, and spin doubling constants have been obtained, which, with hyperfine constants derived from observations of the lower rotational transitions in the astronomical source TMC 1, allow all the rotational transitions of C3N and C4H at frequencies less than 300 GHz to be calculated to an absolute accuracy exceeding 1 ppm.

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