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Gloege et al. 2020

Gloege, L., G.A McKinley, R.J Mooney, J.D. Allan, M.W Diebel, and P.B McIntyre, 2020: Lake hydrodynamics intensify the potential impact of watershed pollutants on coastal ecosystem services. Environ. Res. Lett., 15, no. 6, 064028, doi:10.1088/1748-9326/ab7f62.

Watersheds deliver numerous pollutants to the coastline of oceans and lakes, thereby jeopardizing ecosystem services. Regulatory frameworks for stressors often focus on loading rates without accounting for the physical dynamics of the receiving water body. Here, we use a three-dimensional hydrodynamic model to simulate the transport of a generic tributary-delivered anthropogenic pollutant within Lake Michigan based on the location and timing of loading. Simulating pollutant plumes from 11 rivers, and their intersections with coastal ecosystem services, reveals strong mediation of potential impacts by lake physics. Trapped pollutants accumulate in nearshore waters during spring peak flows, and become diluted by spreading offshore during the summer. The threat to coastal ecosystem services posed by pollutant loading differs sharply among rivers; high potential impact arises from the spatiotemporal coincidence of tributary input rates, lake mixing dynamics, and multiple human uses of the shoreline. Simultaneous pollution from multiple rivers yields overlapping plumes, creating a second way in which lake hydrodynamics can amplify potential impacts on coastal ecosystem services. Our simulations demonstrate that the physical dynamics of large water bodies can create a dynamic stressor landscape arising from multiple independent sources of non-point-source pollution. The design and implementation of pollution regulations rarely account for spatial and temporal complexities of load processing in receiving waters, yet the resulting variability is likely to strongly mediate impacts on society. As hydrodynamic models improve, our analytical framework could be applied to a wide range of pollutants and waterbodies to enhance the sustainable use of coastal ecosystems.

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