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Gasperini et al. 2022

Gasperini, L., D. Peteet, E. Bonatti, E. Gambini, A. Polonia, J. Nichols, and L. Heusser, 2022: Late Glacial and Holocene environmental variability, Lago Trasimeno, Italy. Quat. Int., 622, 21-35, doi:10.1016/j.quaint.2021.10.011.

Lago Trasimeno (central Italy), 10 km wide and < 6m deep, fills a basin of tectonic origin and one of Europe's few endorheic lakes. We report on a multidisciplinary stratigraphic study, based on seismic reflection profiles and two sediment cores, aimed at providing information on the vegetational, lithological, and climate history of this area based. Trace elements, palynology, macrofossils, organic carbon, and C isotopes, coupled with AMS C-14 dating, describe environmental changes from Late-Glacial to present. The base of the cores records a Late-Glacial steppic vegetation (Poaceae, Artemisia, Chenopodiaceae), with dry and cold conditions and a high charcoal/pollen ratio. An ensuing shift to a warmer and moister climate is shown by the rise of Pinus and Quercus, and shallow water aquatics such as Nitella. Early Holocene warming, indicated by Quercus, Oleaceae, Corylus, and Betula is followed by a hiatus suggesting one or more severe drought events between 9000 and 3000 yr BP. Late Holocene presence of Alnus and Fagus indicates increased moisture, probably in winter, which would have increased lake level. Heavy metal pollution indicators (Pb, Cu, Zn) in the upper portion of the cores imply industrialization. Due to its location, to intensive and uninterrupted anthropogenic impact since proto historical times, and to its shallow depths, Lago Trasimeno provides an important observation point for climate and environmental changes in the central Mediterranean region during and before Holocene times.

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DO  - 10.1016/j.quaint.2021.10.011
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