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Fung et al. 1987

Fung, I.Y., C.J. Tucker, and K.C. Prentice, 1987: On the variability of atmosphere-biosphere exchange of CO2. Adv. Space Res., 7, no. 11, 175-180, doi:10.1016/0273-1177(87)90309-7.

The terrestrial biota plays a major role in the geographical and temporal variations of atmospheric CO2. The seasonal exchange of CO2 between the atmosphere and the biosphere, via photosynthesis and soil release, is the primary cause of the annual oscillations found in the records of atmospheric CO2. Analyses of the atmospheric CO2 measurements show that the annual oscillations exhibit interannual variations and the amplitudes of the cycles have been increasing in time. One of the possible contributing factors to the interannual and long-term variations is enhanced summer assimilation by the biosphere, although there is little field evidence to confirm this hypothesis.

Simulations of atmospheric CO2 concentrations at a few observing stations have been used to estimate the magnitude of this exchange. Because of the differences in the atmospheric transport models, the biospheric exchange functions that provided best fit to the observations differed by at least a factor of two. Furthermore, because the exchange functions are based on simple assumptions, they cannot be used to evaluate the year-to-year changes in biospheric activity of the contributions of these changes to the interannual variations of atmospheric CO2.

In this paper, we use satellite and field data to quantify the geographic distributions of the seasonal exchange of CO2 between the atmosphere and the terrestrial biota. The exchange functions thus obtained will be validated by their ability to reproduce the observed annual cycles of atmospheric CO2 in a 3D tracer transport model.

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DO  - 10.1016/0273-1177(87)90309-7
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