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Fulakeza et al. 2002

Fulakeza, M., L.M. Druyan, and T.N. Krishnamurti, 2002: A simple soil moisture scheme for regional climate simulations in the Tropics. Meteorol. Atmos. Phys., 79, 105-126, doi:10.1007/s703-002-8231-7.

A regional climate model (RCM) is described which incorporates an improved scheme for soil moisture availability (SMA) compared to an earlier version. The improvement introduces a sensitivity of SMA to soil type, vegetation cover and ground albedo, making the model more adaptable to divers regions. In addition, the interactive SMA depends on past precipitation, ground temperature and terrain relief. Six RCM simulations of the monthly mean climate over southern Africa are performed at 0.5° grid spacing. Improvements in the RCM climate simulations compared to control runs are attributed to the newer SMA scheme. Only a slight improvement in skill results from driving the RCM with observational analyses as opposed to GCM "predicted" lateral boundary conditions. The high spatial resolution of the RCM provides a distinct advantage in the simulated spatial distribution of precipitation compared with a global model run at an effective grid spacing of 2.8°. The mesoscale precipitation signal in the RCM simulations is more dominant during the rather dry December 1982 than during December 1988. The improved SMA scheme contributed to a realistic partition between latent and sensible heat fluxes at the ground-atmosphere boundary and consequently a realistic diurnal cycle of ground temperature. Simulated differences in the spatial distribution of rainfall between December 1982 and December 1988 are more realistic with the improved scheme.

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