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Flasar et al. 1997

Flasar, F.M., M.D. Allison, and J.I. Lunine, 1997: Titan zonal wind model. In Huygens: Science, Payload and Mission, ESA SP-1177. A. Wilson, Ed. ESA Publications Division, ESTEC, pp. 287-298.

Information on Titan's zonal winds is sparse and derives primarily from temperatures retrieved from Voyager infrared measurements and geopotential heights retrieved from ground-based observations of the 28 Sgr occultation. The inferred winds are primarily zonal (i.e., east-west) and cyclostrophic in much of the atmosphere. The direction of the winds is not constrained by the data, although plausible arguments based on the spin-up of an atmosphere from an initial motionless state suggest that the winds blow predominantly in the direction of planetary rotation. We present a conservative envelope of the vertical and meridional structure of the zonal winds, based on the available data and theoretical considerations, and briefly describe prospects for an improved wind determination prior to the insertion of Cassini into orbit about Saturn. We also briefly discuss the effect of the uncertainty in the zonal winds on the entry of the Huygens probe.

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