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Finzi 1968

Finzi, A., 1968: Test for a possible variation of Newton's constant. Icarus, 9, 191-196, doi:10.1016/0019-1035(68)90013-4.

The assumption that Newton's constant G varies with the gravitational potential V according to the relation G = Go(1 + a((V-V0)/c2)) has been considered by many authors; here a is a dimensionless constant of the order of unity. If one could land a spacecraft gently on Phobos, the analysis of the Doppler tracking data could yield the motion of the barycenter with an accuracy sufficient for a test of this relation. Alternatively, a test could perhaps be carried out with an Earth satellite.

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ID  - fi08000d
AU  - Finzi, A.
PY  - 1968
TI  - Test for a possible variation of Newton's constant
JA  - Icarus
VL  - 9
SP  - 191
EP  - 196
DO  - 10.1016/0019-1035(68)90013-4
ER  -

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