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Field 2020

Field, R.D., 2020: Using satellite estimates of precipitation for fire danger rating. In Satellite Precipitation Measurement, Volume 2. V. Levizzani, C. Kidd, D.B. Kirschbaum, C.D. Kummerow, K. Nakamura, and F.J. Turk, Eds., Advances in Global Change Research, vol. 69, Springer, pp. 1131-1154, doi:10.1007/978-3-030-35798-6_33.

Fire danger rating systems are cornerstones of forest and land fire management. Different systems are used in different fire prone regions of the world, but all require daily inputs of the weather conditions most important in influencing fuel moisture and potential fire behavior. Because these systems typically have a memory, inaccurate weather data can lead to persistently inaccurate fire danger information. This is particularly the case for precipitation, due to its event-driven nature and complex spatial patterns. This chapter describes different approaches to estimating precipitation for the purposes of fire danger rating, focusing on using satellite precipitation estimates for calculations of the Fire Weather Index System, the most widely used fire danger rating system in the world. Comparisons are made between Fire Weather Index calculations for severe fire events in Canada, Chile, Greece and Indonesia, to illustrate the potential benefits of satellite precipitation for fire management in four very different fire environments.

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