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Fairbridge and Gornitz 2009

Fairbridge, R.W., and V. Gornitz, 2009: Earth laws and paleoclimatology. In Encyclopedia of Paleoclimatology and Ancient Environments. V. Gornitz, Ed., Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences Series, Springer, pp. 294-301.

Paleoclimatology, as one of the Earth sciences, is suject to the laws of physics, chemistry and biology. Specifically, five "Earth laws" apply to this planet. Four of these, with limitations, also apply to other celestial bodies in the Solar System. Paleoclimatology falls within the scope of all five Earth laws. The five laws, proposed here, are modified from earlier writings. These laws relate to 1) stellar evolution and history of the Sun, 2) galactic cycles, 3) physical evolution of the Earth and Moon, 4) organic or biologic evolution of the Earth, and 5) principle of homeostasis.

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