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Engwirda 2015

Engwirda, D., 2015: Voronoi-based point-placement for three-dimensional Delaunay-refinement. Procedia Eng., 124, 330-342, doi:10.1016/j.proeng.2015.10.143.

An extension of the restricted Delaunay-refinement algorithm for three-dimensional tetrahedral mesh generation is described, in which an off-centre type point-placement scheme is utilised. It is shown that the use of generalised Steiner points, positioned along edges in the associated Voronoi complex, typically leads to improvements in the overall size, quality and grading of the resulting tetrahedral meshes. The new algorithm can be viewed as a Frontal-Delaunay approach — a hybridisation of conventional Delaunay-refinement and advancing-front techniques, in which new vertices are positioned to satisfy both element size- and shape- constraints. The new method is shown to inherit many of the best features of classical Delaunay-refinement and advancing-front type algorithms, combining good practical performance with theoretical robustness. Experimental comparisons show that the new method outperforms classical Delaunay-refinement techniques for a number of three-dimensional benchmark problems.

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ID  - en05000f
AU  - Engwirda, D.
PY  - 2015
TI  - Voronoi-based point-placement for three-dimensional Delaunay-refinement
JA  - Procedia Eng.
VL  - 124
SP  - 330
EP  - 342
DO  - 10.1016/j.proeng.2015.10.143
ER  -

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