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Elachi et al. 2006

Elachi, C., S. Wall, M. Janssen, E. Stofan, R. Lopes, R. Kirk, R. Lorenz, J. Lunine, F. Paganelli, L. Soderblom, C. Wood, L. Wye, H. Zebker, Y. Anderson, S. Ostro, M. Allison, R. Boehmer, P. Callahan, P. Encrenaz, E. Flamini, G. Francescetti, Y. Gim, G. Hamilton, S. Hensley, W. Johnson, K. Kelleher, D. Muhleman, G. Picardi, F. Posa, L. Roth, R. Seu, S. Shaffer, B. Stiles, S. Vetrella, and R. West, 2006: Titan Radar Mapper observations from Cassini's T3 fly-by. Nature, 441, 709-713, doi:10.1038/nature04786.

Cassini's Titan Radar Mapper imaged the surface of Saturn's moon Titan on its February 2005 fly-by (denoted T3), collecting high-resolution synthetic-aperture radar and larger-scale radiometry and scatterometry data. These data provide the first definitive identification of impact craters on the surface of Titan, networks of fluvial channels and surficial dark streaks that may be longitudinal dunes. Here we describe this great diversity of landforms. We conclude that much of the surface thus far imaged by radar of the haze-shrouded Titan is very young, with persistent geologic activity.

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ID  - el04000r
AU  - Elachi, C.
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PY  - 2006
TI  - Titan Radar Mapper observations from Cassini's T3 fly-by
JA  - Nature
VL  - 441
SP  - 709
EP  - 713
DO  - 10.1038/nature04786
ER  -

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