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Del Genio and Rossow 1982

Del Genio, A.D., and W.B. Rossow, 1982: Temporal variability of ultraviolet cloud features in the Venus stratosphere. Icarus, 51, 391-415, doi:10.1016/0019-1035(82)90091-4.

Statistics on the temporal variability of UV cloud features on Venus during 66 days of nominal mission imaging by the Pioneer Venus Orbiter Cloud Photopolarimeter reveal at least five types of systematic variability on large scales: (1) a low-latitutde global-scale wave of period 3.94±0.1 days corresponding to longitudinal motion of the dark equatorial band and propagating westward relative to the mean flow; (2) a midlatitude wave of period 5.20±0.2 days corresponding to wavenumber 1 oscillations of the latitude of the bright polar bands and propagating eastward relative to the mean flow; (3) ∼2- to 3-week fluctuations in the slope of longitudinal cloud brightness power spectra at intermediate wavenumbers manifested by variations in the intensity of large bow-shaped features; (4) ∼2-month variations in polar region brightness consistent with polar brightening episodes observed from Earth; and (5) a monotonic decrease in the disk-integrated brightness of Venus during the nominal mission which may either be a true time variation or a solar-locked longitudinal dependence of brightness. Small-scale features appear to correlate with large-scale albedo patterns. Specifically, cellular features exist primarily where large-scale dark material is present, while the orientation of streak features with respect to latitude circles oscillates with the same ∼4-day period as the large-scale features at low latitudes. The wide range of time scales present in the data suggests the complexity of Venus stratospheric dynamics. Extended observations over many years may be necessary to define the general circulation.

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