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Davis and Mishchenko 2009

Davis, A., and M. Mishchenko, 2009: Earth sciences push radiative transfer theory. Eos Trans. Amer. Geophys. Union, 90, 485.

The theories of radiative transfer and particle — particularly neutron — transport are grounded in distinctive microscale physics that deals with either optics or particle dynamics. Interestingly, particle transport is determined by the linear transport equation, which is mathematically identical to the radiative transfer equation, so geophysicists and nuclear scientists are interested in the same mathematics and computational techniques.

In nuclear science and engineering, transport theory holds a very high profile. Clearly, it is important to know that reactor criticality or radiation medicine dosage is computed to as many decimal places as possible. Accordingly, particle transport theoreticians regroup every 2 years at the American Nuclear Society's Mathematics and Computation (M&C) Conference series. At M&C 2009, there were two cross-disciplinary sessions of immediate interest to the geophysics community

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