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Cohen 1994

Cohen, J.L., 1994: Snow cover and climate. Weather, 49, 150-156.

Snow cover experiences the largest fluctuations, both spatially and temporally, of all varying surface conditions. A single cyclonic event can extend the continental snow-line equatorwards by up to 1000 km. An important influence of snow cover is the change it produces in the energy budget of the lower atmosphere and the surface. Snow cover has the highest albedo of any natural surface and can reflect a large amount of solar radiation that would normally be absorbed at the Earth's surface, heating the ground and the atmosphere. For this reason large snow-cover anomalies are thought to cause significant changes in the diabatic heating at the Earth's surface. It is theorised that the diabatic heating of the atmosphere has a major influence on the climate; therefore snow is also considered to play a role in climatic fluctuations.

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