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Cohen et al. 1985

Cohen, R.S., D.A. Grabelsky, J. May, H. Alvarez, L. Bronfman, and P. Thaddeus, 1985: Molecular clouds in the Carina arm. Astrophys. J., 290, L15-L20, doi:10.1086/184433.

From a new survey of the 2.6 mm line of CO in the southern Milky Way, 37 molecular clouds were identified along the Carina arm from l = 282 deg to 336 deg with masses generally greater than 105 M. The clouds lie approximately every 700 pc along a spiral segment that is nearly 25 kpc long and has a pitch of about 10 deg. The total mass of these clouds is 40×106 M, or rougly 1×106 M each on average. The abrupt tangent point in molecular clouds at l = 280 deg and the characteristic loop structure in the l-v diagram are unmistakable evidence of a CO spiral arm in Carina. This arm apparently connects with the northern hemisphere Sagittarius arm to form a single 10 deg spiral which extends more than two-thirds of the way around the Galaxy.

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