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Chiu and Collins 1978

Chiu, H.-Y., and W. Collins, 1978: A spectroradiometer for airborne remote sensing. Photogramm. Eng. Remote Sens., 44, 507-517.

A parallel electro-optical input spectroradiometer system with 500 channels and operating in the 400-1100 nm wavelength region has been designed and fabricated for use in a light aircraft. The airborne system was conceived for determining the high-spectral-resolution properties of various ground targets of interest in remote sensing. Spectral radiance data at 4-digit resolution are generated on a 9-track tape in computer compatible format. At a survey altitude of 600 m and 200 km/hr ground speed, a ground resolution element is 18 meters square. The data acquisition rate is 2.5 spectra per second of 500 channels each. Absolute radiometric calibration is achieved with a standard lamp that is calibrated against an NBS secondary standard source. The linearity of instrument response to intensity change is 1 percent.

The rapid data acquisition in parallel input channels is essential for obtaining good quality spectral data at 2 nm or better wavelength resolution and high sensitivity under airborne opemting conditions. These data have yielded spectml information valuable to basic remote sensing research in the areas of detecting geologic zones ofalteration, monitoring the condition of vegetation canopies, and determining the spectral properties of water bodies.

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