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Chiu 1967

Chiu, H.-Y., 1967: A cosmological model for our universe. I. Ann. Phys., 43, no. 1, 1-41, doi:10.1016/0003-4916(67)90290-4.

In this paper we attempt to construct a cosmological model for our Universe, based on currently available astronomical observations and two basic assumptions: (a) Einstein's theory of general relativity is strictly valid without the cosmological constant; (2) the existing laws of physics are strictly valid. We have disregarded the Mach's principle because its meaning is ambiguous.

First we review the present status of knowledge of astronomical observations of our Universe. Next we review the cosmological models acceptable under the two assumptions cited above. We then formulate our method of construction of a cosmological model. Using statistical physics for equilibrium and nonequilibrium processes we reconstruct the course of evolution of our Universe. From the 3o-K cosmic background radiation, the upper limit of neutral hydrogen density in intergalactic space, and the density of matter due to galaxies, we have obtained an upper limit for the allowable matterdensity of the Universe. We have found that the bulk part of matter-density in our Universe is in galaxies.

We also calculate the evolution of antimatter in our Universe and we have found that antimatter must be totally absent from our Universe. Hence there are no antiworlds, antigalaxies, etc.

Based on our result we have obtained a value of 0.02 for the deceleration parameter q0. This is to be compared with the value of 0.5 obtained recently by Sandage. In view of the uncertainties associated with both values, these two values must be regarded to be consistent with each other. Consequently no suggestion of violation of any physical law is made.

In conclusion, our Universe can be described by an open cosmological model of the Friedman type.

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