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Cess et al. 1996

Cess, R.D., M.H. Zhang, W.J. Ingram, G.L. Potter, V. Alekseev, H.W. Barker, E. Cohen-Solal, R.A. Colman, D.A. Dazlich, A.D. Del Genio, M.R. Dix, V. Dymnikov, M. Esch, L.D. Fowler, J.R. Fraser, V. Galin, W.L. Gates, J.J. Hack, J.T. Kiehl, H. Le Treut, K.K.-W. Lo, B.J. McAvaney, V.P. Meleshko, J.-J. Morcrette, D.A. Randall, E. Roeckner, J.-F. Royer, M.E. Schelsinger, P.V. Sporyshev, B. Timbal, E.M. Volodin, K.E. Taylor, W. Wang, and R.T. Wetherald, 1996: Cloud feedback in atmospheric general circulation models: An update. J. Geophys. Res., 101, 12791-12794, doi:10.1029/96JD00822.

Six years ago, we compared the climate sensitivity of 19 atmospheric general circulation models and found a roughly threefold variation among the models; most of this variation was attributed to differences in the models' depictions of cloud feedback. In an update of this comparison, current models showed considerably small differences in net cloud feedback, with most producing modest values. There are, however, substantial differences in the feedback components, indicating that the models still have physical disagreements.

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