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Carlson and Cess 1986

Carlson, B.E., and R.D. Cess, 1986: Vertical cloud structure models for the NTRZ, EQZ, SEB and STRZ of Jupiter. In The Jovian Atmospheres, NASA CP-2441. M. Allison and L.D. Travis, Eds., National Aeronautics and Space Administration, pp. 58-63.

Latitude-dependent models of the vertically inhomogeneous Jovian cloud structure are presented. The models assume an atmospheric composition with [CH4]/[H2] = 2.0×10-3, [He]/[H2] = 0.11 and [NH3]/[H2] = 2.0×10-4 consistent with the Voyager IRIS measurements and employ refractive indices appropriate for ammonia ice particles and a photochemical stratospheric aerosol layer. The free parameters of the models are determined by fitting the results of multiple scattering calculations to the near-infrared center and limb spectra of Clark and McCord (1979, Icarus 40, 180-188) and the center-to-limb 6190, 6350, 7250, 7500, 8900 and 9500 Å photometric measurements of West (1979, Icarus 38, 12-33). The resulting synthetic center-to-limb profiles are in excellent agreement with the observations. Of the regions studies the tropical zones are the most similar, with the observed differences explained by variations in the vertical extent of the cloudy layers. The Equatorial Zone is a unique region with denser NH3 clouds than either of the tropical zones. At visible and near-infrared wavelengths the belt-zone contrasts can be explained by opacity differences. The optical depth of the stratospheric aerosol layer is larger in a belt, while the tropospheric clouds are deeper and thinner.

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