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Canuto et al. 1970

Canuto, V., H.Y. Chiu, and C.K. Chou, 1970: Neutrino bremsstrahlung in an intense magnetic field. Phys. Rev. D, 2, 281-287, doi:10.1103/PhysRevD.2.281.

In this paper we present the neutrino luminosity due to a completely relativistic electron gas in the presence of an intense magnetic field. The neutrino emission rate is determined rigorously, under the assumption of the V-A theory of universal weak Fermi interaction, by standard field-theoretical methods. It is shown that the neutrino radiation rate can be expressed as a function of temperature, density, and the field-strength parameter Θ = H/Hc, where Hc = M2c3/eℏ = 4.414×1013 G. Comparisons are made with previous approximate results due to others, and the reasons for discrepancies are discussed.

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ID  - ca09500o
AU  - Canuto, V.
AU  - Chiu, H. Y.
AU  - Chou, C. K.
PY  - 1970
TI  - Neutrino bremsstrahlung in an intense magnetic field
JA  - Phys. Rev. D
JO  - Physical Review D
VL  - 2
SP  - 281
EP  - 287
DO  - 10.1103/PhysRevD.2.281
ER  -

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