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Cameron and Pine 1973

Cameron, A.G.W., and M.R. Pine, 1973: Numerical models of the primitive solar nebula. Icarus, 18, 377-406, doi:10.1016/0019-1035(73)90152-8.

Numerical models have been constructed to represent probable conditions in the primitive solar nebula. A two solar mass fragment of a collapsing interstellar gas cloud has been represented by a uniformly rotating sphere. Two cases have been considered: one in which the internal density of the sphere is uniform and the other in which the density falls linearly from a central value to zero at the surface (the uniform and linear models). These assumptions served to define the distribution of angular momentum per unit mass with mass fraction. The spheres were flattened into disks, and models of the disks were found in which there was a force balance in the radial and vertical directions, subject to certain approximations, and with everywhere the assigned values of angular momentum per unit mass. The radial pressure gradient of the gas was included in the force balance. The energy transport in the vertical direction involved convection and radiative equilibrium; the principal contributors to opacity at lower temperatures were metallic iron grains and ice. The models contained two convection zones, an inner one due to the dissociation of hydrogen molecules, and an outer one in which there was a high opacity due to metallic iron grains. The characteristic semithickness of the disks ranged from about 0.1 astronomical units near the center to about one astronomical unit near the exterior. Characteristic angular momentum transport times and radiation lifetimes for these models of the initial solar nebula were estimated. Both types of characteristic lifetime were as short as a few years near the inner part of the models, and became about 104 years or longer at distances greater than ten astronomical units.

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