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Canuto and Chitre 1974

Canuto, V., and S.M. Chitre, 1974: Quantum Crystals in Neutron Stars. In Physics of Dense Matter. C.J. Hansen, Ed., Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union, vol. 53, Reidel, pp. 133-150, doi:10.1017/S0074180900099976.

Using the many-body techniques appropriate for quantum crystals it is shown that the deep interior of a neutron star is most likely an orderly arrangement of neutrons, protons and hyperons forming a solid. It is shown that a liquid or gas arrangement would produce higher energy. If so, a neutron star can be viewed as two solids (crust and core) permeated by a layer of ordinary or (perhaps) superfluid liquid. Astronomical evidence is in favor of such a structure: the sudden jumps in the periods of the Crab and Vela pulsars that differ by a factor of ∼102 can be easily explained by the star-quake model. If the Crab is less massive than Vela (i.e., if it is not dense enough to have a solid core), the star-quakes take place in the crust whereas for Vela they occur in the core.

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