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Canuto and Chiuderi 1969

Canuto, V., and C. Chiuderi, 1969: Solution of the Dirac equation in orthogonal electric and magnetic fields. Lett. Nuovo Cimento, 2, no. 6, 223-227, doi:10.1007/BF02754363.

The problem of the solution of the Dirac equation in external electromagnetic fields has been often considered in the literature. The following configurations give rise to an exact solution: the Coulomb potential, a constant magnetic field, a constant electric field, the field of a plane wave, the field of a plane wave with a constant magnetic field along the direction of propagation, and four additional cases in which the electromagnetic potentials are assumed to have a particular functional dependence on the co-ordinates that lead to solvable equations.

In this note, a further exact solution is derived in the case of constant electric and magnetic fields, orthogonal to each other. Such a field configuration is often encountered in physical problems as, for example, in the computation of the transverse transport properties of a plasma in a magnetic field. Such a process is important in neutron stars or white dwarf stars with intense magnetic fields.

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