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Cammarano et al. 2016

Cammarano, D., R.P. Rötter, S. Asseng, F. Ewert, D. Wallach, P. Martre, J.L. Hatfield, J.W. Jones, C. Rosenzweig, A.C. Ruane, K.J. Boote, P.J. Thorburn, K.C. Kersebaum, P.K. Aggarwal, C. Angulo, B. Basso, P. Bertuzzi, C. Biernath, N. Brisson, A.J. Challinor, J. Doltra, S. Gayler, R. Goldberg, L. Heng, J.E. Hooker, L.A. Hunt, J. Ingwersen, R.C. Izaurralde, C. Müller, S.N. Kumar, C. Nendel, G. O'Leary, J.E. Olesen, T.M. Osborne, E. Priesack, D. Ripoche, P. Steduto, C.O. Stöckle, P. Stratonovitch, T. Streck, I. Supit, F. Tao, M. Travasso, K. Waha, J.W. White, and J. Wolf, 2016: Uncertainty of wheat water use: Simulated patterns and sensitivity to temperature and CO2. Field Crops Res., 198, 80-92, doi:10.1016/j.fcr.2016.08.015.

Projected global warming and population growth will reduce future water availability for agriculture. Thus, it is essential toincrease the efficiency in using water to ensure crop productivity. Quantifying crop water use (WU; i.e. actual evapotranspiration) is a critical step towards this goal. Here, sixteen wheat simulation models were used to quantify sources of model uncertainty and to estimate the relative changes and variability between models for simulated WU, water use efficiency (WUE, WU per unit of grain dry mass produced), transpiration efficiency (Teff, transpiration per kg of unit of grain yield dry mass produced), grain yield, crop transpiration and soil evaporation at increased temperatures and elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations ([CO2]). The greatest uncertainty in simulating water use, potential evapotranspiration, crop transpiration and soil evaporation was due to differences in how crop transpiration was modelled and accounted for 50% of the total variability among models. The simulation results for the sensitivity to temperature indicated that crop WU will decline with increasing temperature due to reduced growing seasons. The uncertainties in simulated crop WU, and in particularly due to uncertainties in simulating crop transpiration, were greater under conditions of increased temperatures and with high temperatures incombination with elevated atmospheric [CO2] concentrations. Hence the simulation of crop WU, and in particularly crop transpiration, needs to be improved and evaluated with field measurements before models can be used to simulate climate change impacts on future crop water demand.

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