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Canuto et al. 1980

Canuto, V.M., S.-H. Hsieh, and J.R. Owen, 1980: Cosmological considerations on the diffuse γ-ray isotropic background. Astrophys. J., 235, 688-693, doi:10.1086/157672.

Bignami et al have recently studied the problem of the origin of the diffuse γ-ray isotropic radiation. They have concluded that within standard cosmology with Λ = 0 and p = 0, BL Lacertae objects and Seyfert galaxies can account for most of the diffuse radiation if they have not evolved in time. For QSOs, an evolutionary factor (1+z)4 is allowed by the data. From the study of radio data, however, it is known that strong evolutionary effects are expected. The discrepancy cannot be explained by changing the geometry of the universe, i.e., q0.

We present here the results of our analysis using a cosmological framework in which the fravitational constant was larger in the past, an idea that has been extensively tested in recent times. Contrary to the case of standard cosmology, it is found that in order to fit the diffuse γ-ray background, the evolutionary function required is almost identical to the one previously determined from the study of the log N-log S relation.

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VL  - 235
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