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Cameron 1963

Cameron, A.G.W., 1963: Contraction of the sun toward main sequence. In Origin of the Solar System. R. Jastrow and A.G.W. Cameron, Eds. Academic Press, pp. 55-62.

This chapter has been prepared by A. G. W. Cameron, based upon the remarks of Martin Schwarzschild at the conference, together with some additional material.

In a previous chapter, Spitzer has brought stars through their contraction from the interstellar medium, and has left them at a stage where they are undergoing a final Kelvin-Helmholtz contraction toward the main sequence. We shall be interested in the behavior of the sun during this contraction phase, when its radius is about ten times the present one.

When considering the influence of this solar contraction phase on the formation of the planetary system, we are not interested in the deep interior of the sun as such, but rather in the surface characteristics. This means that we are primarily interested in the luminosity of the sun during that contraction phase, and to a lesser extent in the values of the surface temperature. We are also interested in the possibility that the sun may lose mass during its contraction period.

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