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Canuto 1971

Canuto, V., 1971: Radiation beaming in pulsars. In The Crab Nebula. R.D. Davies and F.G. Smith, Eds., International Astronomical Union Series, vol. 46, Springer Netherlands, pp. 455-456, doi:10.1007/978-94-010-3087-8_67.

It is usually considered that the beaming of the radiation coming out of a pulsar has to be strictly connected with the mechanism producing the radiation itself. We want to show that even when the emitting mechanism gives rise to an isotropically distributed radiation, the presence of a strong magnetic field will automatically beam the radiation preferentially along the magnetic field line rather than in any other direction. We have computed the Compton scattering and from that the opacity KH (K0 is the opacity for zero field). In Figure 1 the ratio KH/K0 is given vs. Θ, the angle between the propagation vector and the magnetic field axis. Hq is a critical magnetic field numerically equal to 4.41×1013 G; Ne is the electron density. For the ordinary wave the opacity is reduced at Θ=0, while it is unaffected at Θ = π/2 where KH→K0.

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