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Canuto 2009

Canuto, V.M., 2009: Turbulence in astrophysical and geophysical flows. In Interdisciplinary Aspects of Turbulence. W. Hillebrandt and F. Kukpa, Eds., Lecture Notes in Physics, vol. 756, Springer, pp. 107-160, doi:10.1007/978-3-540-78961-1_4.

Turbulence is a physical process that enjoys some unique characteristics, first among which is the fact that it is among the most ubiquitous phenomena in the physical world and yet is one of the least understood physical processes.

Let us just consider that all existing stars (the number of which is around ∼1023, not far from the Avogadro's number) use or have used turbulence during different phases of their lifetime. The atmosphere of the earth, a habitat in which we spend all our life, is regularly turbulent and so are the oceans.

Much to the surprise of anyone who begins to study the subject, one finds that the most skillful practitioners at "taming" turbulence are aerospace engineers who try to minimize the unsettling effects of air turbulence on the commonly shared assumption that a smooth flight is more exciting than a bumpy one. But to advance their skills, engineers could hardly afford waiting for a theory of turbulence to be developed and tested. Wind tunnels provide much of the needed help for the effects of a turbulent flow on the wings of an aeroplane which can be examined in detail using repeated experiments. This leads to quite a satisfactory "description" of turbulence, but that is not sufficient to build a theory.

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