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Canuto 1975

Canuto, V., 1975: Equation of state at ultrahigh densities: Part 2. Annu. Rev. Astron. Astrophys., 13, 335-380, doi:10.1146/annurev.aa.13.090175.002003.

Theoretical research into the behavior of matter in the high-density region (at least 2×1014 g/cm3) is reviewed. Results of work concerning the appearance of hyperons in the neutron fluid at densities higher than nuclear density are summarized, and it is shown that the presence of hyperons does not severely alter the equation of state from that for a pure neutron gas provided that hyperonic potentials are almost identical to the nucleon-nucleon case. Computations to determine whether neutrons can solidify at a high enough density are described. It is shown that the solidification density is well within the range of values expected in the interior of neutron stars. Several unrelated attempts to analyze the behavior of matter in the relativistic or superhigh-density region (in excess of 1016 gm/cm3) are summarized. It is noted that available data on neutron stars are insufficient to determine a specific value for the speed of sound at superhigh densities.

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ID  - ca05810h
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PY  - 1975
TI  - Equation of state at ultrahigh densities: Part 2
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VL  - 13
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DO  - 10.1146/annurev.aa.13.090175.002003
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