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Carson and Stothers 1982

Carson, R., and R. Stothers, 1982: BL Herculis stars: Theoretical models for field variables. Astrophys. J., 259, 740-748, doi:10.1086/160210.

Type II Cepheids with periods between 1 and 3 days, commonly designated as BL Herculis stars, have been modeled here with the aim of interpreting the wide variety of light curves observed among the field variables. The globular cluster members, which we have previously modeled, are used here as standard calibration objects. Our major finding is that only a small range of luminosities is capable of generating a large variety of light curve types at a given period. For a mass of ∼0.60 M, the models are able to reproduce the observed mean luminosities, dispersion of mean luminosities, periods, light amplitudes, light asymmetries, and phases of secondary features in the light curves of known BL Her stars. It is possible that the metal-rich variables (which are found only in the field) have luminosities lower than those of most metal-poor variables. Our revised mass for BL Her, a metal-rich object, is not significantly different from the mean mass of the metal-poor variables.

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