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Canuto and Chiu 1968

Canuto, V., and H.-Y. Chiu, 1968: Quantum theory of an electron gas in intense magnetic fields. Phys. Rev., 173, 1210-1219, doi:10.1103/PhysRev.173.1210.

In this paper we have developed the quantum theory of a relativistic electron gas in magnetic fields of arbitrary strength, and we have obtained the equation of state for such a gas. Intense magnetic fields (of field strengths ∼1013 G) are believed to exist during gravitational collapse and in collapsed astronomical objects. Our results show that the stress tensor is very anisotropic when < pz2>m2c2 [pz = (z momentum) = (momentum parallel to the field)] is smaller than (2HHc)12, where H is the field and Hc = m2c3he = 4.414×1013 G. At a temperature of 109 °K or a density of 105 g/cm3, the theory developed here must be used if H ≳ 1012 G.

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