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Cary and Rosenzweig 1987

Cary, E., and C. Rosenzweig, 1987: Determination of vegetated fraction of surface from satellite measurements. Adv. Space Res., 7, no. 11, 77-80, doi:10.1016/0273-1177(87)90296-1.

One input to the ground hydrology component of general circulation models (GCMs) is the fraction of gridbox covered (i.e., shaded) by vegetation. The FV is needed in order to specify the partitioning of evaporation between vegetated and non-vegetated surfaces. Satellite data could provide global and seasonally varying specification of FV. In this work, FV is derived from Landsat data for a site in western Kenya; the accuracy of the estimate is evaluated and the compared to the accuracy requirements of a ground hydrology model. Results show that the accuracy of Landsat estimation of FV is + or - 5% and that transpiration, evaporation from bare soil and the seasonality of evapotranspiration are strongly dependent of FV.

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ID  - ca01100t
AU  - Cary, E.
AU  - Rosenzweig, C.
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TI  - Determination of vegetated fraction of surface from satellite measurements
JA  - Adv. Space Res.
JO  - Advances in Space Research
VL  - 7
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DO  - 10.1016/0273-1177(87)90296-1
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