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Canuto and Lodenquai 1977

Canuto, V., and J. Lodenquai, 1977: Dirac cosmology. Astrophys. J., 211, 342-356, doi:10.1086/154940.

In this paper we study Dirac's suggestion that the large dimensionless numbers (∼1040) encountered in physics owe their large sizes to their proportionality to the age of the Universe.

After presenting in detail the foundations of the theory and comparing them with those of the big bang, we check the predictions of the theory against the 3 K background radiation and the (log N, log S)-relation for radio galaxies. We analyze the criticisms of Gamow and Teller to an early version of the theory regarding the time variation of the Sun's luminosity. We find that the present version of the theory is free from such difficulties.

Finally, we try to explain the unusually small value of Ṗ/P of the pulsar JP 1953 via the time variations of both G and the mass of the pulsar. Present upper limits on Ġ/G make such an explanation a viable one. In no case is Dirac's cosmology found to contradict any well-established observational facts. Difficulties may, however, arise in the explanation of the 3 K background radiation and with the low-luminosity white dwarfs.

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