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Caldwell et al. 1979

Caldwell, J., R.D. Cess, B.E. Carlson, A.T. Tokunaga, F.C. Gillett, and I.G. Nolt, 1979: Temporal characteristics of the Jovian atmosphere. Astrophys. J., 234, L155-L158, doi:10.1086/183129.

Drift scans along the central meridian of Jupiter have been obtained at wavelengths of 7.9, 17.8, and 19.7 microns. These observations indicate a significant north-south temperature asymmetry within the Jovian stratosphere but not within its troposphere, results which agree with the recent Voyager 1 observations. Employing a time-dependent stratospheric model, it is found that the observed north-south asymmetry is consistent with seasonal stratospheric variability. In the model, the primary cause for this variability is the time-dependent absorption of sunlight by aerosols.

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