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Canuto et al. 1978

Canuto, V., B. Datta, and G. Kalman, 1978: Superdense neutron matter. Astrophys. J., 221, 274-283, doi:10.1086/156026.

We present a relativistic theory of high-density matter which takes into account the short-range interaction due to the exchange of spin-2 mesons. An equation of state is derived and used to compute neutron star properties. The prediction of our theory for the values of maximum mass and moment of inertia for a stable neutron star are 1.75 M and 1.68×1045 g/cm2, in very good agreement with the presently known observational bounds. The corresponding radius is found to be 10.7 km.

It is found that the inclusion of the spin-2 interaction reduces the disagreement between the relativistic and nonrelativistic theories in their predictions of masses and moments of inertia.

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TI  - Superdense neutron matter
JA  - Astrophys. J.
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