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Canuto et al. 1974

Canuto, V., C. Chiuderi, C.K. Chou, and L. Fassio-Canuto, 1974: Neutrino reactions in strong magnetic field. Astrophys. Space Sci., 28, 145-161, doi:10.1007/BF00642244.

We present the energy losses due to several neutrinos processes: (1) synchrotron neutrinos, (2) pair annihilation neutrinos, (3) plasmon neutrinos, and (4) photoneutrinos in the presence of a superstrong magnetic field. Numerical results are tabulated and illustrated for several values of densities and temperatures. In the low density regime (ρ ≲ 107 g/cm3) the presence of a magnetic field decreases the luminosity, whereas the opposite is true at higher densities. This last effect is however almost entirely due to the existence of a new process, the synchrotron neutrinos that disappear when H→0. Even though the overall effect can only be quantitatively ascertain after a complete cooling computation is performed, one should however expect a much lower temperature for neutron star surface than the one computed in the H=0 case

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